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Going to Pakistan is the same as going to hell: Manohar Parrikar #ITVideo

Posted 9 months ago in NEWS

Aakash Kapoor 9 months ago

He just reiterated the fact....even somalia and bangladesh have more credibility than rogue nation pakistan

Faisal Gishkori 9 months ago

And #india is bloody hell

Junaid Akhtar 9 months ago

ur dad modi did... !idiot

Ahmad Ajaz 9 months ago

No living in kashmir is same as living in hell. Imagin 10 lakh settler army. Killing sex abuse fake encounters , network block erc are the main weapons of these settler brave army. #butkashmirwillbefreeFromIndiaSoon

Yogesh Kumar 9 months ago

Ya our Modi did and he did it for recce so that in case of war not a single person can exit from the arc of fire of Indian Army.

Umair Khalid 9 months ago

Mosi the Dumb, Sushma Darling, Ajit Doval and that Egyptian Mummy Rajnath been there, aur wo b without invitation :v :v :v

Rajendar Singh 9 months ago

Well said

Najeeb Khan 9 months ago

He is right PAKISTAN is hell for you RANDIANS

Baqar Raza Abedi 9 months ago

I know people who accept personal gifts from hell

Rohit GAndotra 9 months ago

I don't understand that why Pakistani people follow India today?? and bark here on every post....offcourse they have nothing left in Pakistan today...!

Jazib Khan 9 months ago

Freedom of speech give us the right to wherever we want to comment so shut up .

Muhammad Abbass 9 months ago

not for all.. for u its more than hell be aware of that..thats why he ran away

Raja Rizwan 9 months ago

Yes Pakistan is hell for randians.. 😂😂😂😂 #Pakistanphobia

Naveed Zafar 9 months ago

U guys burn in hell once u die in this world....bloody pussy Endians...

Shahrukh Shah 9 months ago

Have you seen how many Indian cockroaches are on DAWN and express tribune writing crap about pak ?

Yuriy Alterman 9 months ago

Muhammad Shahbaz 9 months ago

Living with india is same as living with a dog

Ganesh H Chandankhede 9 months ago

सालो अपना पेट भरता नहीं यंहा बाँटने की सोच रहे हो अगर एक एक आदमी ने बॉर्डर पर खड़े होकर मूत दिया तो सारा पाक बह जाएगा

Hamza Malik 9 months ago

kabhi ao pak phr tumhy hell ma bhejain gay na to hum tumhy yaha a kar bhejain hell ma jo tera akhri thikana ha

Ganesh H Chandankhede 9 months ago

all napakestane are suwar

Ganesh H Chandankhede 9 months ago

all Pakistani are suwar

Muhammad Shahbaz 9 months ago

Apni baji bhej do phr unsay pochna pakistan k baray main hindustan=rapistan

Abdul Khan 9 months ago

Haha India without toilet

Talha RaZa 9 months ago

Let's go to heaven called India. where we don't have toilets, where people are on the roads with no clothes. These are definitely signs of heaven..... 😂

Supriyo Chakraborty 9 months ago

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