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You cannot place animal on the same footing as human being: @mkatju on Jallikattu
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Posted 11 months ago in OTHER

Arvinth Sekar 11 months ago

India Today you should not be biased and conduct a debate without inviting Tamils and portray jallikattu as a cruel sport. So i nominate [email protected] Sivasenapathy ( and members of Biodiversity Conservation Council of India - BICCI ( if you are really a neutral media please call them for a debate. we are protesting for protecting indegenous breeds of India (not only in Tamilnadu) and jallikattu is part of ecosystem which prohibits cow from getting butchered and helps the farmers for farming and produce milk rather than the horrific dairy industry which uses jersey cows . You should assess this basic thing first. We are also protesting to against the decimation of indegenous breeds which produce A2 milk which is high in protein content.

Sam Resh C 11 months ago

@India today, you do not understand & you will never , you have to be a tamilian to understand what it is # we need jallikattu

Muthamizh Kumar 11 months ago

This is the media power .only showing the 1% issue

Muthamizh Kumar 11 months ago

Now media like one way talk show what they have in the mind .

Muthamizh Kumar 11 months ago

Some social workers started to say that the "BAN ON JALLIKATTU" is a plot by some Mnc's. They are also revealing some shocking truth about their secret operations to loot our nation's wealth. DAIRY BUSINESS :- India has dairy market of nearly 1,00,000 crore rupees per year which means we can satisfy our dairy needs without imports. Out of this more than 85% of the dairy needs are satisfied by our village farmers. This is due to the growth and success of co-operative foundations like "AMUl". As a result multi national corporations cannot enter into INDIAN milk products market. The link between this abd ban on jallikattu is very important. Because international dairy companies distribute their Jersey and cross breeded cows to traditiona states like Tamil nadu and trying to control our own national breed. CLASSIFICATION OF COWS :- Cows are classified as A1 and A2. On this jersey and cross breeded cows comes under A1 category and our national breed belongs to A2 category. The A1 type milk is not good for health and it causes diabetes and pre mature puberty etc. The A2 type milk contains all the vitamins and minerals which is good for our health(even mother's milk is categorized under A2) The waste from national breed contains huge amount of micro organisms including germicides. Only this breed is grown according to our country's weather and climatic conditions. The food for this breed is grass and straw growing in our land. But jersey breed and cross breeded cows are not like this they grow in cold climatic conditions of england,new zealand and australia,so our weather conditions will not suit for this breed. Similarly they cannot be feeded with our grass and straw which we provide to our national breed. They must be fed with special foods which is supplied by those dairy mnc's on higher prices.likewise if it is sick the medicines must also be imported FARMERS TRANSFORMING INTO COOLIES :- If country breed is eradicated small scale dairy farmers will lose their possibility of income. They cannot buy and maintain jersey breed as a result inorder to live they will join as workers in the farms set up by the mnc's for their every single needs. To create a situations like this "Ban on jallikattu" is initiated. JALLIKATTU AND REPRODUCTION :- JALLIKATTU is not only meant for human beings to show up their valor. It also reveals the oxen's running capacity and its body strength. This also explains how the bull's owner grown his own bull. Because apart from the period of jallikattu these bulls where used for reproduction. Not only bull tammers will participate in this function. Different cow owners will take part in this to decide the partner of cow. TYPES OF NATIONAL BREED :- Most of the farmers now stopped the usage of pesticides due to the reason that poisonous content present in tha pesticides completely spoils our land resources. It also develops infectious amd disease susceptable plants. Jence maore and more people started organic farming. The main manure for this organic farming is "PANCHAKAVYAM" country breed's wastes are the main ingrediant for this, it has more germicides and the immunity power is high only on this ingrediant. Thatswhy farmers reproduce cows using Jallikattu since ancient times. Hence the milk produced by our national breed cow has more strengths in it. This natural strengths are not present in jersey and cross breeded cows. Immunity power is very low in their milk. If we feed our children with milk from this breed they will grow only as immunity defeciant and weak childrens. So inorder to keep our future generation healthy and strong we have to "SUPPORT JALLIKATTU". JALLIKATTU SINCE ANCIENT PERIODS :- If the bulls are grown in a tied manner its not useful for both the owner and the person who uses it for reproduction. Only when it plays in ground its body gets stronger and only when it runs its legs will strengthen,the bulls sperm will be vigorous and the calves will be born stronger when the bull plays and runs. So our ancestors and our people made our bulls to play in Jallikattu. We cannot deny the importance and speciality given to our bulls and the sports involved bulls in MOHANCHADHARO-DRAVIDIAN civilizations. We should also note that "Bull tamming" was mentioned at many places in our "SANGAM LITERATURE". These all are not the importance of bulls,these are highlights of healthy human growth and development. STONAGE TO PRESENT :- Immediately after evolution humans used to get their food through hunting.After starting to control and using of the bulls,humans stepped into agriculture while a part of people doing agriculture another part of people made handicrafts.Through this way they satisfied their own needs.On this understanding only development increased. Thats why our farmers growing bulls like their own lives. PEOPLE WHO OPPOSING JALLIKATTU :- We can categorize Jallikattu opposing people into two.First category people are city settled innocents,they are not aware of the usage of land and totally ignorant on agriculture. The second category Mnc's use these innocents to oppose Jallikattu.They impose "Animal Creulty" sentiment into Jallikattu nad create an "ILLUSION" that bulls are being tortured among city peoples and hide their plot by making these people to turn against Jallikattu. MNC's plot :- Similar to our dairy complacency our nation also tops in beef exports. Last year India beated Brazil in berf export and entered number 1 ranking by exporting nearly 2.4 million tons.Mnc's are not happy with these statistics. Mnc's destroyed our traditional seeds and imposed their seeds,swidling our resources, they poisoned and ruined our lands wealth.Similarly they want themselves to be supreme on this matters.They always need Indians to depend on them for all the basic need essentials and products. Thats why they impose ban on Jallikattu which will result in reduction in bulls and eradicate our national breed.By this they try to flow their jersey and cross breeds. Peta's another side :- Peta-people for ethical treatment of animals which opposed Jallikattu and claimed a ban on it is not an Indian organization.It was started in American countries on 1980s.They expose themselves as a sanctuary for abandoned animals roaming on streets. By using the word "Euthanasia" they kill traditional animals in favour of Mnc's. This was proved by Mr. NATHAN WINOGRAD in "HUFFINGTON POST" News aggregator. Speaking truth only in america animals are grown as slaves. Here they use hormone injection over the animals to increase their weight and cholestrol content.Inorder to supply processed meat to chain of restaurants and food corporations these farm owners kill animals without any mercy. Without opposing this the peta shows interest in ban on Jallikattu. Meaning, the American economy should not be affected, but India's Dairy market should be paralysed. This is the motive for peta on this plot.

Lokeshwaran Karunakaran 11 months ago

All paid media

Muthamizh Kumar 11 months ago

Yes all paid media and supporting to corporate

Shan Hęăřț Řōbęrř 11 months ago

Hy.. Don't play the peta vedios.. How much they give to ur chanel. 1 lakh r 3 lkh... Show the original vedios not taken by peta....

Shan Hęăřț Řōbęrř 11 months ago

Any form the North they didn't know clearly wt is happening in Jallikattu.. U are all always welcome come and see.. True happening hr

Muthamizh Kumar 11 months ago

Mohan Rhaj 11 months ago

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