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Gauri Maulekhi, animal rights activist tells why Jallikattu can't be compared with meat being consumed
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Posted 11 months ago in OTHER

Shani Suleri 11 months ago

Supplies Tetra pack urine for young indian nation .

Saseendran Gangesan 11 months ago

Feel really sad the news wco-ordinator and animal activist did not even listen to the points being put across by Mr.Katju.....I humbly request every eminent citizens who oppose Jallikattu to listen and understand the sentiments and reasoning expressed by eminent citizens who support Jallikattu instead of just bashing in the name of law and under the curtain of saving animals..... ... Also request you please read some history about this to get another dimension..........This sports needs regulation not a ban....... Please listen......Please do punish any wrongdoers under the name of Jallikattu but dont ban........

Siva Subramaniam 11 months ago

when Centre removed Pongal from restricted holidays list no media cared about why the hell you are debating about jallikattu.....visit tamil nadu and see the jallikattu and then talk......

Narmila Rengasamy 11 months ago

I couldnt understand that is it india ruled by bollywood actors and actress ah?those who involve in jallikattu wont bother about their hurts and they also proud to act in this..y the hell the actors and actress worrying about it?its our tradition,nt a game..pls keep tht in yr mind first..

Shenbaga Srinivasan 11 months ago

studpid argument without any moral sense and humanity...when brutal killings of animals can be justified by citing cultural diversity as a reason why not allow jallikattu for the same logic....atleast here alleged cruelty is much much lesser than butchery of animals......

Raj Mutnal 11 months ago

Neither Supreme Court, nor Central govt should interfere in Jallikattu celebrations, as it's the part and practice of Tamil Nadu from time immemorial. Leave this matter to that State alone!

Soorya Rajendran 11 months ago

This is stupid argument based on few old videos..See...There are incidents of molestations n rapes happening in country...Will u end up killing all men??.Idiots..

Singaravelu Nagappan 11 months ago

Hindi or Tamil let see..

Francis Kumar 11 months ago

#Gauri Maulekhi is just a show off case and calls an entire state as ROGUE -- ... and she hails from Delhi - lol - Comedy - Gauri Maulekhi do u really know how comedy u sound ? ..

Francis Kumar 11 months ago


Ganesh Kumar 11 months ago

What a waste argument not discussing what is to be. People like you are really virus to others just sitting like a parasite to suck off their rights... If you talk about animal cruelty look at butchering of bulls... stop that... and so on. Just because you are paid slaves of a foreign organization and they pay you in dollars doesn't mean you can control everyone. Law is for everyone and so for common man. The way you talk now clearly shows how it would have been argued in the supreme court. Looks like paid argument. So knaive and ignorant. is a free online Facebook Video Downloader. This tool generate video download link to save Facebook videos online without any install required. Video download is available in two resolution wherever available i.e. High-Definition (HD) videos and Standard-Definition (SD) videos. HD videos are better than SD videos in terms of quality and also bulkier in file size.

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