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#RE World bank appreciates PM Narendra Modi's #Demonetisation
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Posted 11 months ago in NEWS

Purvashi Dhingrra 11 months ago


Manoj R Bhatt 11 months ago

Pls call bharat ratna amritya sen and ask him to read what imf said

Amer Syed 11 months ago

The logic here is You got a New Lamborgini when you can afford Corolla...Friends and Colleagues will say Great ....but do they know the actual financial situation at home, what situation they came into with this decision, all the money family earned going to Lamborgini payment...So World Bank is just a friend/colleagues ...Citizens of India are the family.Learn about your family...

Syed Ahmed 11 months ago

Senthil Nathan 11 months ago


Nasir Ahmad 11 months ago

GDP decrease to 7% and still praising or joking. They have to say good going stupids.

John Corner 11 months ago

Siva Ram 11 months ago

Well then the Lamborghini is bought for rental business purpose as an investment and soon family will come to know why that Lambo has been bought and then it will start creating an income for the family and with that income the family bought Corolla for their day to day usage.

Socorro Dias 11 months ago

Paid news

Atul Sahal 11 months ago

The 575 will not comment.

Pawan Kumar Prusty 11 months ago

world bank does a lot of researches , they are not indian politicians who will blabber anything they want. they do a thorough checking before saying anything.

Pawan Kumar Prusty 11 months ago

world bank said the adverse conditions are just temporary everything will fall back in its place soon

Ottovon Bismarck 11 months ago

Now Pappus will say World Bank becomes a Bhakt ;-)

Gursaran Sura 11 months ago

And pigs will fly !! 😳

Amer Syed 11 months ago

Nice covering you both of you... There is always something to say... Let's wait and watch whether that Lamborghini generated income or bankrupt... At the expense of family...

Lalit Kitroo 11 months ago

It is so amusing. This fanatical hatred CERTAIN sections of our society have against anything and everything that Modi does.

Lalit Kitroo 11 months ago

Pawan Kumar Prusty Till yesterday people had no clue what GDP is. Today all have become Amartya Sen.

Yogi Anand 11 months ago

Go to hell haters ( haters always haters)

Amer Syed 11 months ago

Actually, I'm amused to see THOSE SECTION of people who say YES BOSS and believe to everything Modi say even it is jumlabaazi...I hope India will be saved... You guys support whomever you want doesn't matters because that is said that a nation of sheeps will beget a government of wolves....

Rakesh Mishra 11 months ago

I think they have not consulted MMS😂

Sid Mishra 11 months ago

Ye baat Lalu ko,Rahul ko,mamta ko,aur keji ko Kaun batayega

Mohammed Abdul Firdous 11 months ago

Selfish world bank 150 lives of Indians lost they want to destroy india.

Raghavendra Prabhu 11 months ago

Demonitisation was applicable on entire 125 Crore population across complete geography of India. It was not localised to any region, section, community, locality etc. Therefore if we have to attribute deaths to demonitisation we must compare death rate of entire population of India pre and post demonitisation. If there is no change in death rate, we cannot keep saying so many people died due to demonitisation. People's death due to whatever cause is a personal grief to their families. Please be sensible and sensitive. Please do not politicise someone's personal grief to attribute it to some economic move which you may not have liked. Don't use funeral pyre to bake your bread.

Adil Rashid 11 months ago


Raghavendra Prabhu 11 months ago

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