Tradition vs torture on jallikattu

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We should consider the sentiments of people of Tamil Nadu, also excessive cruelty on animal should be avoided: Markandey Katju on Jallikattu. #ITVideo
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Posted 11 months ago in NEWS

Balamurugan Arumugasamy 11 months ago

It can't be avoid ed

R Sreeja Bhaskar 11 months ago

This is not a sport. It's plain torture .

Soorya Rajendran 11 months ago

Keep judging ...!!D maximum u can do...

Kokila Khanna 11 months ago

Let's promote vegetarianism too !! Why torture animals and eat them , isn't that cruelty?

Mari Appan 11 months ago

Excessive cruelty on animal avoided ,hope bull taming festival in tamilnadu happen

Raj Kumar 11 months ago

And it is our culture

Soorya Rajendran 11 months ago

Muneer Ahmed 11 months ago


Bishal Ram 11 months ago

you india today show the cruerity on animals bull/cows on jallikattu which is a religios culture but on the otherhand not show the vdo how cruerly kill the cows /bulls and eat beef by saying religious freedom if ban on cow/bulls on the basis of cruelity or inhumanity then also ban on beef which is also imhumanity its show how our media show double standard

Soorya Rajendran 11 months ago

watch this also before judging...!!

Siva Kannan 11 months ago

Siva Kannan 11 months ago

Peta only shows some rule breakers and as per Jallikattu rule they watch real Jallikattu videos not fake Peta videos

Rakesh Roshan 11 months ago

#wedojallikattu it's our traditional game n no bulls r harmed

Kokila Khanna 11 months ago

Muneer Ahmed why isn't killing to eat them not cruelty? Don't be a hypocrite!! If you follow then truly follow in every walk and aspect of life. Not using it wherever it suits you and the other way when it's not suitable!! What about bakr Id? Is it love for those creatures to slaughter them.

Ritteeka Pawar Roy 11 months ago

WTF. ..this is F ridiculous .pathetic

Avi Sarkar 11 months ago

Its a sister concerns company of ndtv so it will report against Hindus coz same like ndtv virus....

Sajad Dar 11 months ago

Cow mata ke pooja bull papa ke peetie

Er Arun K Chaudhry 11 months ago


Shréè PS 11 months ago

Whoever is going to decide that #jallikattu is cruel, pls do a small research first for what reason the jallikattu has been conducted and read the rules of jallikattu And remember whenever there is a commercialisation happening in the events there will be fouls and so those videos shown by peta are only less 2% of people doing it and they will be banned by the officials who are appointed to monitor the event and take actions. If the rules are implemented perfectly then jallikattu is a excellent event which is actually a science of a selecting a powerful indian breeds. This will stop the genetically modified jerseys to be imported which are producing poisons in the name milk. So pls do watch how a real jallikattu is conducted by asking ur south indian friends.

Gaurav Sehrawat 11 months ago

1⃣ आप (आम आदमी पार्टी ) इसके बारे में तो सब जानते ही है ! 2⃣ पर क्या आप सब ये जानते है की ये पार्टी किसने बनाई है ! 3⃣ इसको कोंग्रेस ने ही बनाया हैं और ये 💯% सच है !

Adam Rangasamy Adhiyaman 11 months ago

Stop bull sit stories and play with our traditional PS: I know how spell it right

Prem Prakash 11 months ago

Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu, it is nothing,but cruelty to animals , hence, it should be banned.

Prem Prakash 11 months ago

What, is excessive or not, where is the limit drawn.? For some, even by badly injuring the animal during Jallikattu, it may still be called nothing serious, just normal.

Basheer Bashuu 11 months ago

BJP plays bad politics on behalf of dirty unestablished religious belief..... cultivated Hindus will recoganise it....

Tarun Choudhary 11 months ago

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