Wha did I just say?

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Did I just get Punked in Marathi?? What did I say guys?

Posted 2 months ago in TV & Movies

Jude Grant 2 months ago

You have deeply impressed me & affected so much my real life my love ❤️

Reaz Reza 2 months ago

I couldn"t understand Marathi Language

Adhora Lily 2 months ago

Honestly I'm not happy 😥this morning I was setting a voice password on my phone.A dog barked in front of me and it ran away 😪now am looking for the dog to unlock my phone, I can't even see this vedio 💜

Osthir Boy Soriful 2 months ago

Tomer kotha sunar jonno ami all time free

Ŗảbéỷȃ Ǟǩṯḧểṟ 2 months ago

Looking so sexy figure ❤️❤️❤️

Juwel Khandokar 2 months ago

M *** Your shame has something to say

Sonam Gyeltshen 2 months ago

I will come there once to have romance with you ok

Ashish Ashish Vishwakarma 2 months ago

You are you sunny Leone

Kaustubh Jaiswal 2 months ago

Be you nick

Osthir Boy Soriful 2 months ago

Apni aber english boila khaya dien na