Luuk van Dijk - Living Room Bangerz ADE - Live w/ Locklead...

Luuk van Dijk
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Living Room Bangerz ADE - Live w/ Locklead & Julian Anthony
Okay, we're back We're back in business, baby one camera dropped out. And a lot of stuff didn't isn't working anymore, so we'll see how long this last and um come back to y'all um my man my man Julian over there. you can't see him but he's coming enjoy babes. Oh, yes uh Chris Have you back in show everybody. So what might go back into a lockdown? Yeah? uh I might do this again a little bit. Gets back and enjoy is a great record that Julian just wow. I love him. Good evening. Now you listen. But you do. Wonderful results. Okay, guys. Where's Petra guys? Where's Patrick? Somebody call him. Don't push it too. Don't push it too far. Each week, you'll do a little more. One It will save you. The light will save you. The light that will save you. The light will save you. The light will save you. Will save you? Okay this fat ass guess who made it? Thank you delighted will save you how yes in the house it's in the Everybody Yeah, I mean the. Lit up and I don't think I like you too, I'm a little bit. like to. I want to do. I like. PM. I like it. And like. Four. I want to be. Yeah. Yeah. I don't like, yeah. yeah. like. I don't like. Being. B Four. B Four. Beat Four. You're not to be. Oh, yes, and you will look for that too and they will look. Oh yeah DJ. Scores Julian What are you doing? I know in all the world one that that we had just a thing and everything. Judy and Anthony. Do you remember? I Like I was supposed to be comfortable. trying to find more than you and your support. We are presenting the the the why not get it twisted like like like a just me, I don't never fade it down and the to. Julia Anthony man Fuck bitch. Yeah, this is a new one by me and it's called crazy Toms and it's crazy and it's Tom. Yeah. On the pipe tourist. With the tourist I might be. Bright for the vision of the crazy. Got bored with the pipe tourist I might be. Right with the vision of the crazy time. And the Yeah. That sound that you hear like that are actually do I was skating out the dishwasher and I heard two glasses bump into each other and I was like no no bored with the pipe dream tourist might be and then I recorded that on my phone and use it in the track. That's cool right. That's cool. It's special right. It's cool. It's a crazy time. It's cool right. It's special right. Yeah. so special. It's cool right. Yeah. With the tourist I might be. At the crazy time, So happy. Oh, yeah. A new truck um New remix by me. It's a remix of uh Timmy. Oh yes. Oh, yeah. Nothing like me. Reality is nothing like me so. Really is nothing. Is merely an illusion. Reality is nothing like we've been told. We're doing the world. How we're doing everybody. Do it everybody? Yeah. Get down Get down Here. Get down Get down Get down Get down We are controlling transmission. Now, We have. Sad. Fat Fan I made this one last week or the week before or the week before that, but it's you I like it. It's it's more housing. It's uh it has more feeling you know. So this is the new lip and dye your hands The sound. Okay. I wanted to show you a new tune but um there's an emergency loop going on. Oh yeah. But this record is also nice. Please do not be alone remain calm. Do not attempt to leave the dance floor. Come on come on. Come on come on. Now, Okay. A new track. On me, To the vocals, Baby I. There you go get back into. Yeah, I'm playing a lovely cue. Fuck it, I'm staying in myself. Like in the head down. There you go get your back. Go. Let go. Oh yes. Boring boring boring More important my mind. Let's go one more. Y'all West Oh shit. That was it for today. And that's okay you. Here I am now.

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