How To Not Make The Communion Legalistic

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Friend, partaking of the holy Communion is part of your relationship with the Lord, not a duty that needs to be done.

It was Melchizedek, a picture of...

Posted 4 months ago in Religion & Spirituality

Bernadette Mier 4 months ago

I love your teachings on communion. Thank you

DebbieRicky Watkins 4 months ago

Amen, communion is a healing. I did the communion every day for thirty days or more. I had surgery and layed off from my job. Had lung problems l pray every morning. I went to lung doctor he said l was healed. Asthma

Lily Tan 4 months ago

Amen.Thank You Jesus for helping me to understand through Pastor Prince What is the true meaning of Communion.Jesus is waiting for us with the bread & wine in his hand.I'm waiting for God to heal me.Thank you Jesus for loving me.Amen.

Lily Tan 4 months ago

Thank You Pastor Prince and team and people who put up the message of communion.A short clip message but is Powerful and blessing to God's Children.Amen

DebbieRicky Watkins 4 months ago

Ps ask me what l did l told him God healed me. I never understood why l got healed until this year. Jesus though his father God heal .By these stripes we are healed. Amen

Pamela J. Hammond 4 months ago

You are SO right! it is an HONOR to receive Communion!. It's a bit more tedious now because You must peel the paper off of the wafer and then the wine without spilling ! But it is Still an Honor to recieve the Holy Sacrament. Amen

Halgail Namulauulu 3 months ago

Thank you pastor for the word of God