What Was Justin Bieber's Breaking Point?

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Justin Bieber grew up in front of the whole world, but this truth is shocking! What's the BIGGEST life lesson in this video?

Posted 3 months ago in Music & Audio

Mae Thompson 3 months ago

He learned from his mistakes. Hope all the best for him.

Mike Iswoke 3 months ago

Don’t like his music . I thought he was a little punk . But I can relate to what he is saying . It’s all relative and money doesn’t make you happy. If it matters I don’t think he is a little punk anymore . Him sharing his problems may help people from all walks of life . I hope he does well and that he is happy

Jessie Doan 3 months ago

I was never a huge fan of his music but himself as a person is amazing. He’s just a kid trying to live his life. 🖤❤️

Arlenis Bernice Lester 3 months ago

No body is perfect.we learn from our mistakes.

Amy Maggard 3 months ago

I love that young man. Keep growing and glowing.

Corrine Slay 3 months ago

Thank God you grew up and became a decent man

Patricia Hewett 3 months ago

The word of God will have the answers he is looking for.

Rachel Singh 3 months ago

It is a good turn around but I never was a fan so 🤷‍♀️

Marion Larrick 3 months ago

No matter what he's done or what he's been through he came out a winner and he always will cuz he has God in his life

Akshay Dave Sooryavanshi 3 months ago

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