WWE Exclusive: Nakamura takes back the Intercontinental Title, The Mysterio’s father-son duo continues to strive, and much more on an action packed SmackDown!

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Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Apollo Crews, taking back the Intercontinental Title, and Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio end with a win but remain focused...

Posted 2 months ago in Sports

Haz Haze 2 months ago

Nakamura for Wwe champion.

Andrew Hokamp 2 months ago

Where there is not a script of 130 pages per show aew is taking over

Hervie Garcia 2 months ago

Fight live randy orton

Mîî Ķāā 2 months ago


Somporn Boonpa 2 months ago

Arsène Dikilu 2 months ago

Todd Orton 2 months ago

Next week Crews will blame Aziz for the loss and turns on him.

Gary Losardo 2 months ago

What in world that new intercontinential title is dumb looking

Edward Seaman 2 months ago

Awesome Dude keep on with your bad self!

John Amuri 2 months ago

J'aime beaucoup le catch wwe