Nina Simone on what artists must do in times like these

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Video Credit: Estate of Nina Simone

Posted 6 years ago in Music & Audio

Kimberly Mackall 6 years ago

An artists' duty....such passion about the responsibility of the gift bestowed upon an artist is not just for their pleasure but to effect change...

Brenda Shay Bradley 6 years ago

Nina Simone is my hands down favorite artist from the sixties. I only recently discovered her brilliance as an advocate for justice and everyone's duty to it! Watch the 2 hrs documentary on Netflix of her life and career.

Viny Parkinson 6 years ago

I still write songs for enjoyments sake but they'll ever be about sugar and spice and all things nice, more sugar and spite and all things shite

Glynis Thomas 6 years ago

I just love Nina Simone. A black woman speaking up back then was courageous & very bravo, & magnificent. May she R.I.P

Breakin' Convention 6 years ago

Peace brothers and sisters! We recently used an extract of this interview in a feature film based on the dancer Antoinette Gomis who created incredible work based upon Nina Simone's message - you HAVE to watch it - this message is always relevant in different forms

Jerrae Thomas 6 years ago

Beautiful and we'll articulate, sophisticated and wise, and in just under 1 minute delivered the most intelligent words of wisdom I heard in a week.....

Tay Reed 6 years ago

I wonder If Beyoncé saw this right before she made formation..If not she should play this clip in the opening mins on her tour..Perfect

Lloyd Campbell 6 years ago

A lot of artists do speak on real issues of the times, but I can say for hip hop the masses would rather listen to Lil Wayne over Talib Kweli

Rebecca Robinson 6 years ago

Love her! Truly an inspiration and way ahead of her time! Here is an art piece I did to honor her legacy. Medium: concrete, tar, latex paint

Korte McGregory 6 years ago

Moving the masses not the masters is the art of being a celebrity! Always be a celebrator of your art and let it shine.