Creation Myth - Total Solar Eclipse

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The Moment of totality... During Tristans set

"Here is a video of when I played during totality at the South Africa eclipse event in 2002; it was...

Posted 7 years ago in Music & Audio

Manmademan 6 years ago

I'll upload it and put link here :)

Michael Dyer 6 years ago

Link to song?

Shay SunShy Shemesh 6 years ago

W O W.........
Amazing moment's

Niklas Patriksson 6 years ago

Folk hade det någ det trevligt och kul.

Leonel Leo 6 years ago


Pedro Carvalho 6 years ago

Bloody awesome!
Have to share with the Zambus!!

Andreas Varnamnet 6 years ago

En av d fetaste festklippen jag sett !

Chek Rfk 6 years ago

Good vibe!!!

Koby Toledano 6 years ago

Sonya bailey name this track please !

David Andrew Jesú 7 years ago

They dancung and gees looks so much more real and true back then...interesting time