10 Years 500 Episodes Alhamdulillah!

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10 Years 500 Episodes Alhamdulillah! We started TheDeenShow 2006 and only with the help of the Almighty have we made it to a full decade. Thank you all...

Posted 6 years ago

The Deen Show 6 years ago

Thank you all for your wonderful DUA's and support!

Ahsan Faruqui 6 years ago

Keep the good work going. May The Almighty award you more success! Jazak ALLAH Filddarain!

Hafida Tachfint 6 years ago

10 years the deen show ma sha allah

Mamoon Sattar 6 years ago

Your show is just #amazing

Abdul Haris 6 years ago

May Allah duly reward you

Esma Sanchez 6 years ago


Fasi Pasha 6 years ago

Masha Allah! Great work mate , Allah bless you all, ameen!

Mohammed Lawal Abubakar 6 years ago


Shamsul Majid 6 years ago

Thank you have a nice day

Omar S. Bamaas 6 years ago

Love TheDeenShow and may Allah bless you Eddie