Fear Factory - Our ninth studio album #GENEXUS is out now...

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Our ninth studio album #GENEXUS is out now worldwide via Nuclear Blast Entertainment!

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Posted 6 years ago in Music & Audio

Eugene Vanroy 6 years ago

Enhanced Reality

Robert Sylvester 6 years ago

The whole album is indeed incredible though :)

Ryan Trufitt 6 years ago

The entire album is my favourite. .. its epic!!

Jonathan Carroll 6 years ago

The whole album!!!!!!

Rob Brooks 6 years ago

Battle of Utopia is probably my favorite. Reminds me of Slave Labor.

Dave Busink 6 years ago

Favorite song on this album? Lol its like a trick question, its difficult too answer. Maybe soul hacker...

Daniel Francis 6 years ago

Whole albums pretty sic

David Roee 6 years ago

Way to go boys! Awesome album

Christopher Andrew Roethle 6 years ago

The song genexus is in my opinion the best song on the album! Sounds so much like slave labor but in Dino's style. If Dino never left, I'm sure that would have been the original slave labor! Great job guys!!

Romek Szmul 6 years ago

All songs! But Expiration Date & Enhanced Reality are special :)