20 Minutes Into "New Year, New Me"

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It's been 20 minutes and I've already failed on my diet. || #foodbeast Elie Ayrouth

Posted 6 years ago in Food & Drink

May Xiong 6 years ago


Philip Tsen 6 years ago

I hope this isn't you already Christine Ng

Julie Hernandez 6 years ago

.I resemble that remark!!! Lolololol!!

Helen Maschmeyer 6 years ago

Earl hahaaaa us next weekend.

Shamlan Rahman ッ 6 years ago

Farheen Feroz this is what u need :P :D

Carina Cruz 6 years ago

Food beast be like "20 minutes into deep fry and chill"

Henke Johansson 6 years ago


Melissa Campbell 6 years ago


Drake Young 6 years ago

Ben Hunt "What all can I get on a burger?" @waho

Valentina González 6 years ago

Karla Rg tu y yo con la pizza