Urbanisation in China

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By 2030 Chinese cities will be home to about 1 billion people. Getting urban China to work properly is vital to the country’s economic and political future

Posted 5 years ago in Social Issues

David Koay 5 years ago

wow, Amazing.

Jenny Wong 5 years ago

David Chan Ricky Michael nice video for f6 econ

Audra Walton 5 years ago


Mark Lewis 5 years ago

Edwin Lowe

Kieran Yates 5 years ago

Superb insight!

Ricardo Beltrán 5 years ago

beyond the population

Liz Fina Coronella 5 years ago

In the 80s it was all bikes and a few cans with flowers in the back window. I'm so glad I was able to see China then.

Austin Price 5 years ago

Guys, Hukou is not that hard to pronounce. Hu like "Who", Kou like Coca Cola's "Co".

Carlos Lecca 5 years ago

Damn right