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Our franchisees know their stores and their customers best – so we thought best to hear from them. What does ‘We Care’ mean to Liam Stops, franchisee of...

Posted 5 years ago in Food & Drink

Josh Pullar 5 years ago

Davin can u do a video like this?

Johnny Berg 5 years ago

"We Care"? What a load of crap. You don't bother to reply to posts on your page from customers that have contributed to your wages for years.

Christopher Ford 5 years ago

To be honest it's a pizza shop you order when they are busy you pay then you hear no more untill your name is called out, the service point is not like a resteraunt where you spend 2 hours. That part is rubbish and the pizza should be the same as every store as they follow same guidelines and same ovens

Aksh AY 5 years ago

Lalit Ahuja

Jordan Farquhar 5 years ago

Fergus Keiller thought you worked at bunnings?

Janelle Jamieson 5 years ago

Hey Blake , this could be you for the Bureta store :)