Sifu Beddar - Wing Chun Examples

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A few functional techniques from Sifu Didier Beddar. Watch carefully and try :)

Posted 5 years ago in Sports

Wing Chun 5 years ago


Listen to Bruce Lee - Be Water My Friend by İsmet ÖZTÜRK

Howard Teo Chin Wan 5 years ago

To understand the fighting style of Wing Chun we have to look at the history. It was created for ladies for self defense without affecting their posture & ettiquette unlike other techniques like Hong Kar. Asians are generally smaller in stature and of course the techniques have to minimise usage of strength but maximising leverage.

Wing Chun is created as a easy to pick up easy to practise street self defense technique. So far had been the most practical among many schools of Chinese martial arts.

The Chinese military learn other schools like Choy Lee Fatt and the other harder techniques & modernised it into a practical combat skills comparable to MMA. It all boils down to your kind of audience.

Arthur Rodarte 4 years ago

This is cool but jet kundo has wing Chung Qui gong and Kung fu or Chinese boxing in it it's the way of the intercepting fist that's why I study both. Wing Chung does have its advantages but honestly Krav Maga is also a good art.

Manevi Yolculuk 4 years ago

For those, who think Wing Chun is not strong enough I only say. Don't mess with Wing Chun fighter who are trained over 10 years! Every boxer can beat a Wing Chun fighter, who is in the beginning. But masters you cant beat that easy!

Georgios Spyrou 4 years ago

I just love how everyone out there is an MMA fighter. Because the argument always is, don't learn Martial Art xxx because you will get beat up. No matter what, you're in trouble. Because the rest of the population of this world practices MMA. With only a few guys who do Karate and Kung fu and are gonna die anyway.

In all seriousness, if I'd practice any Martial Art, I'd expect to be able to defend myself better than before against the common asshole or drunkard out there threatening me. I guess that's the intention of your average person. If I happen to mess with an MMA practicioner, well Boohoo, tough luck. Against all rumours though, the fight experience 90% of earths population has ia opening a bag of chips and a can of beer. Or picking their nose.

So don't let anyone spoil your Martial Art you favor, I am sure it's gonna serve you well enough 90% of the time. May you never need it in earnest and may it always just be a hobby though

Lance Tkhuma Gewargis 4 years ago

Bronson David Kurtis Givargis see the cross training to jui Jitsu in even with chun everything is Shakhlaptededate lol everyone is mixing eveything

Larry Smith 3 years ago

There is always pros and cons about different martial arts ..but just being aware and concuous of your movement and others is a plus against adversity

Julius Hesner 4 years ago

I always wonder why this dudes aren't k-1 or ufc champs... it all looks great but when you fight men who are faster and stronger and hits you hard, but your blows don't affect them...

Arun Kumar 4 years ago

To do this U need to practice Kata's and Blocks every single day for at least 2 or 3 Years.... Every single things should be stored in your sub-conscious mind so that your body will move automatically over an attack.. They way his body moves is automatic reflexes which is done by his sub-consciousness...

Alberto Lim 5 years ago

i like Wing Chun. I just don't like the other stuff when he would block and do 2 or 3 steps on it. Even Bruce Lee said that jiu jitsu has other steps that you wont have time to do. when wing chun blocks, and do three steps, it's not like your opponents hand will stay there .