Nikita Chawla- chetichand wishes

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How Impressive!!
Nikita Chawla, A 10 year old girl, has given a wonderful message on the occasion of Chetichand.
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Posted 5 years ago in Music & Audio

Gyan Hemnani 5 years ago

Those who have written PROUD TO BE SINDHI,must confirm that they speak in Sindhi in their families especially with children & with fellow Sindhis.

Nathaniel Esteves 5 years ago

Nice one

Gyanchand Mangliya 5 years ago

Moje pyari Sindhi boli

Sagar Ramchandani 5 years ago


Shikha Matreja 5 years ago

Jai Jhulelal

Saeed Ahmed 5 years ago

Proud to be sindhi...

Khushi Phoolia 5 years ago

Bahut mithi boli h jai jhulelal