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Circus performers Charlotte & Nicolas took big risks in this insane 10 Minute Photo Challenge in Sydney, Australia. Do NOT try this at home! Subscribe to...

Posted 4 years ago in Performing Arts

Misty Schubert 10 months ago

I love this every time I see it.... And I share it.
Talented AF

Aly K-j 3 years ago

Yeah pretty sure the security would have been told.

Grace SH Chung 3 years ago

Amazing ! Remarkable photos is awesome

Steven Romano 3 years ago

At 5 seconds the timer stopped for 5 seconds thats cheating ... redo the challenge please

Chiquita Tipoki-Sanileva 3 years ago

Where was the spirit fingers ? 🤨

Alicja Jurga 4 years ago

I love it's amazing 😊😊😍

San SAn Lo 2 years ago

Hendra Halim mantap uii. Coba le liat cara pengambilan lightning’y

Jum Jum Wratto 3 years ago


Jenny Perreira 3 years ago

Too bad the sun was going down the photos came out terrible, I cringe when photographers use vignette😒