Trump Travel Ban 2.0

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WATCH LIVE: White House announces revised travel ban executive order

Posted 5 years ago

Nasheda H Doda 5 years ago


Dana McGhee Sterle 5 years ago

But what about the radicalized white guys already here???

Clayton Overmyer 5 years ago

Sam garcia. Sellout

Violeta Ortiz 5 years ago

Many rascist in San Diego California

Diego Espinoza Diaz 5 years ago

Sure does a lot of stuttering for all that reading.

Cheri Kern Starr 5 years ago

Yea Clayton, they got it from Hillary.

Jacob TheBartender 5 years ago

Ok me liberal

Mark Lane 5 years ago

When did the repubs become such pu**ies?

Sam Scālz 5 years ago

Pshh. I lived in Lakeside, El Cajon and Santee. Lol. I'm not White. Lol

Claudia Keys 5 years ago

Three stooges!