U.S. Army - #MayTheFourthBeWithYou Portland District, US...

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Portland District, US Army Corps of Engineers provides some insight and takes a close look at a well-known space station....

Posted 5 years ago in Politics
Charles Roe
Charles Roe5 years ago

The Engineer Strikes Back- these engineers have too much free time. I like Star Wars and flying.

Tanya Loria
Tanya Loria5 years ago

Rashi Khan
Rashi Khan5 years ago


Valdenice Soares Dasilva
Valdenice Soares Dasilva5 years ago

Olá amigo

Whitchurch Erica
Whitchurch Erica5 years ago

It's my birthday

Ana Den Boer
Ana Den Boer5 years ago

Raquel DiDomenico
Raquel DiDomenico5 years ago

Xerxes Machtemes you would appreciate this