Popping Cherry Mimosas

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These sparkly mimosas are all you need to drink on your wedding day (or any day, TBH)

Get the full recipe: http://bit.ly/2p3iQa9

Posted 4 years ago in Food & Drink

Shelby Elliott 4 years ago

Meagan Kuhn Rebecca Gilby we're literally going to have to drink all summer if we're going to drink all the drinks we find appealing. Add this one to the list. Lol

Sakshi Chauhan 4 years ago

Too much of mimosas all over... Xoxo gossip girl Saumya Shah Aashi Shah

Tricia Eden-Walsh 4 years ago

Victoria Walsh remember this for your wedding day! Or just any ordinary day when you feel like having something different!

Flavie Lavandier 4 years ago

Alison , Lucie pour la prochaine soiree

Daniëlle Daniëlle 4 years ago

Martine Klopper zaterdag?

Alanis Da Costa 4 years ago

Olga y Alex pijamada después de mayo para hacer esto!

Alejandra Martin 4 years ago

You need to have these at your bachelorette brunch 🙌🏽🙌🏽🍷 Erika Erika Parra

Kimberly Nicolaou 4 years ago

Jordan Truitt Hillary Clare . It's like my dirty Shirley's on crack! Delicious

Ari Perez 4 years ago

Juliet Rumley Liz Diesel Maddy Brubaker okay these look so fun. Who needs a wedding day to try them lol

Aimee Lynne 4 years ago

Randi Coons YASSSS Engagement party drink?? Can make a repeat appearance at basically all other wedding party related things?