Best SNL Cast Member

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Who is the best SNL cast member of all time?

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Posted 5 years ago in TV & Movies
Ranker5 years ago

Like this comment for Chris Farley!

Lori Heller O'Banion
Lori Heller O'Banion5 years ago

Dana Carvey people. SNL without him playing Church Lady as well as soooo many others he did made SNL great in the 80s

John Brewer
John Brewer5 years ago

Really? Will Ferrell? He's not even in a class with this group.

Carolyn Cliett
Carolyn Cliett5 years ago

I liked bill. Murray when I watched. But it got so ugly in words and actions I quit watching 15 years ago! I just did not care for any of the guest etc! I went to bed instead!

Annette Creighton
Annette Creighton5 years ago

Loved Gilda Radner, who didn't love Rosanne Rosanna Wanna & Baba Wawa?

Gregory Smuk
Gregory Smuk5 years ago

I've always said the best three skits are 1. The Beethoven skit. 2. The ongoing point/counter point with Jane Curtain and Dan Akroyd, and 3. Emily Latella with Gildna Radner. A close runner up was the Mr Robinsons neighborhood bit with Eddie Murphy.

Wade Vadakin
Wade Vadakin5 years ago

Really putting Will Ferrell at #1 ahead of John Belushi. That's craziness

Casey Wilcox
Casey Wilcox5 years ago

Belushi murry Murphy n Radner in that order but all were great in thief own way!!!!! Miss the old days can't Evan watch it now!! Sad!!

Steve Parlett
Steve Parlett5 years ago

I don't believe I've ever laughed at Will Farrell. Probably an age thing.

Jeff McCullough
Jeff McCullough5 years ago

This is really not fair.. most of today's generation wasn't around to see the likes of Belushi or chase and akroyd.. Ferrell I gonna win even though he is least funny of all of them