Jam with Buddy Guy & Nancy Wilson in Chicago at Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp

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Imagine - YOU...On stage...Jamming with guitar icon Buddy Guy and legendary rock goddess Nancy Wilson of Heart!...

Posted 4 years ago in Music & Audio

Bill Larsen 3 years ago

Luckily, I saw Buddy Guy @ a 3 day Blues Festival. He was Awesome.!

Sue Noble Hungate 4 years ago

Barry-Nichole ....maybe you should send the hubby to rock & roll camp!!

Ted Edwards 4 years ago

yea and if you ask buddy guy he will tell you he is the best, that he taught jimmi hendrix and the rest.....? what? have you heard buddy guy play live??? His phrasing and his licks are very lacking and not connected. Granted he is a great performer at live shows. and talks about how great he is at all of them...and he connects with his audience very well.... but as far as his guitar playing??? i find it lacking . compared to say peter green, wes montgomery , george benson, and many more who are truly masters of the guitar. or Jeff beck. I could name more, but you get my point

Robb Warnke 4 years ago

Gawd, this would be a dream come true... some lucky folks there! I saw Buddy last year in Denver with Dweezil & a bunch of my fav guitar Gods... truly a treasure & living legend! and NANCY... I live & breathe her music most every day (in a Heart Tribute band Dreamboat Annie ) And my love & respect for her talent & uniqueness if forever growing! THE Rock Goddess for the Ages!

Nancy N Chris Richardson 4 years ago

This is amazing! Who will sing the blues when all the legends have passed on? Thanks for keeping rock and roll and the blues alive!

Annette Bailey 4 years ago

Robert Bailey this would be your dream come true. I wish I could buy this experience for you.

Hal Duckett 4 years ago

Been there done that. Buddy is one of the best entertainers I've seen. His command of the stage and his connection to the audience is unparalleled.

Karen Huffman 4 years ago

Would love to jam with Nancy Wilson Always thought she was a great rocker !!!!
Drove race cars for 60. 61. How bout rockin with Nancy!!!!
Rob Brown

GeorgieTim Scheeser 4 years ago

We had the privilege to open for him in the late eighties! It was the most humbling experience in my life! I have never been the same ! It was like blues college for me !

Jill Forster 4 years ago

Buddy Guy is amazing. See him while you still can. Pro tip: get front row seats and wear a polka dot dress. I got his pick and his towel that way.