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Bird in a bag! #einsteinparrot #shredit

Posted 4 years ago in Animals & Pets

Mireille Giasson Roy 4 years ago

silly boy loll

María Elena Cabrera 4 years ago

Awwwwwww!!!!!! I'll love to take this precious bag. He is the sweetest thing ever!!!!! 🐦❤️

Beckie Lassetter 4 years ago

Being cute as always

Vonn Robinson 4 years ago

Busy Bird in a Big Bag!

Aletha Bolt 4 years ago

Looks like he's chopping out a window!

Jean Cater 4 years ago


Sylvia Dienel 4 years ago

What an easy way to have tons of fun. <3

C Z Williams Art 4 years ago

My dear Coco used to love to shred bags, telephone books, cardboard. I miss her so very much but shes up with the angels now making them laugh and have fun.

Beverly Palumbo 4 years ago

My Speedys fave thing today play in lol!!

Melanie French 4 years ago

Go for it,Einstein!!hee hee!!😁