Golden Retrievers Make My Heart Melt

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Golden retrievers have the best sense of humor! 😂

Posted 4 years ago in Animals & Pets

Shannon Mullan Loutzenhiser 3 months ago

They are the best!

La'Shawnda Ray 4 years ago

Ray would go crazy on the second scene where the dog is chasing the water in the park lol Andshea Ray

Kiaya Park 4 years ago

Andy Dodds can we please please please get a golden retriever they are so cute lol ! i was so funny when the dog dug the hole and put his face in it 😂

Cathy Reiswig 4 years ago

Tori Reiswig this might be what we have to look forward to but at least we don't have a pool or a goat. 😆

Sandy Rainwater Lacey 4 years ago

Our Captain Morgan is our first golden. If I had known... thinking hard about raising golden 🐾puppies when I'm older👵

Elissa Allen 4 years ago

Chase Allen this is why we need a golden floofer! The one where he's walking a goat is exactly what I want in life lol

Victoria Salazar Lowery 4 years ago

Collin Spence Lowery golden retrievers are the derpiest doggos ever. I’m pretty sure they coined the phrase “ignorance is bliss” too lol

Sara Hoag 4 years ago

Ali Gray I'm up late and I'm gonna regret it tomorrow but right now I don't care. Ask me tomorrow and I will

Ida A. Aguilar-Talamantes 4 years ago

Best dogs ever!!! Will never have another breed... our goldens breathe life into us everyday... smart goofy sensitive to your emotions and just so precious♥️

Lowri Gibbons 4 years ago

Craig Duncan I want to start a family... with theses😁😁😁😁 please make me the happiest girl in the world❤️❤️❤️❤️😉