Janina Gavankar - I was so honored that GiantBomb was...

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I was so honored that GiantBomb was interested in my game opinions! Thank you to GB and the community for being really kind to me this year. Please note: I made this while emotionally hung over from the Last Jedi premiere. https://www.giantbomb.com/articles/janina-gavankars-top-10-games-of-2017/1100-5718/

Adrian Błaszyk
Adrian Błaszyk4 years ago

Why did Iden die?

Dominique Garcia
Dominique Garcia4 years ago


Megha Desai
Megha Desai4 years ago

I don't understand anything you are saying but I love how much you love it! xx

Joel Clementson
Joel Clementson4 years ago

Fukkn haaaaaawt

Derick Sanzi
Derick Sanzi4 years ago

So glad to hear Prey (2017) mentioned. It's like System Shock 2, Bioshock, and Dishonored had a baby.

Tim Harger
Tim Harger4 years ago

agreed about story based games, but it seems to me like the story of battlefront 2 was cut awfully short.

Ian Spatchett
Ian Spatchett4 years ago

Rhino killer! 😝