Are Americans trashing the English language?

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Diaper. Do the math. Touch base. Americanisms are creeping into British English. But where do American words really come from—and do they pose a threat...

Posted 4 years ago

Daniel Bernadina Den Dunnen 4 years ago

I hate Americanisms slipping in to my native "Dutch" aka Netherlandish language. No need for such butchering of my nor any other languages.

Edison Mite-Roman 4 years ago

I tend to toggle between the two depending where I am and who I’m with being from Britain and living in the US since I was 16.

Pascale Lapointe 4 years ago

There's a similar example in French, where Canadian French is really just older French (when French colonies came to Canada) and has evolved in an entirely different way (or hasn't) than the French spoken in France. French-Canadians are almost comical to people speaking French in France, but what they don't realize is that it's simply what they left us with back in the 1700s.

Cef Maker 4 years ago

The "corruption" of the British English is even felt in comedy, the UK doesn't produce sophisticated and refined comedy acts like Monty Python anymore.

Likoji Mihova 4 years ago

Interesting. I had British teachers, but watched American TV and had friends who grew up in America - this causes me to change the words I use depending on who I’m speaking with.

Aurelija Zagurskytė 4 years ago

Kamilė Kreivytė well there you are! :D btw, primine, kad britu taip nemegstamas 'soccer' yra 'association football' ir tik tada 'football' pirmapradis

Caroline Randmer 4 years ago

Erica Mansberger , olha que legal! Dá pra gente subir amanhã ou nesses próximos dias? Acho que não é o caso de legendar porque está falando da diferença do inglês pro inglês, então em português vai perder o sentido de muita coisa.

Joe Boswell 4 years ago

I am currently reading a book by John Simpson, titled THE WORD DETECTIVE. Simpson shares his experiences of researching words during his career at the Oxford English Dictionary. Very interesting!

Nadia Sapollnik 4 years ago

Try to do the same reaserch about spanish language !! Hahaha. Every country has it owns plus Americanisms and slangs

Paulette Wilkes 4 years ago

I hadn't realized I'd taken on so many Americanisms! After 20 years, though, it's to be expected...😜🇺🇸🇬🇧