I want to buy the Carolina Panthers

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Attention to the Carolina Panthers!! ATTENTION NFL! This is a chance to make history!!! There are NO AFRICAN AMERICAN MAJORITY OWNERS IN THE NFL!!!! I...

Posted 4 years ago in Sports

Ja Mel 4 years ago

You were on point until you talked about replacing Cam. I rocks with you Diddy but I can't TAKE DAT, TAKE DAT, TAKE DAT.🤣🤣🤣🤣

Allyson Schlagel Edwards 4 years ago

First thing .... it's CAROLINA Panthers, that's North and South Carolina .... It's ONE Carolina when it comes to the Panthers!!

Mandy Runyan 4 years ago

Why does everything have to be about color Diddy???? Man, be real. Owning a team isn’t changing history, as a matter of fact who cares it’s a sports team. Do something to really make an impact on ALL lives!!!! To me this post is racist!!!!

Alfred Juiles Lampkin Jr 4 years ago

Diddy I love your energy and enthusiasm in buying the Carolina Panthers if you and your ownership group is blessed to own the Carolina Panthers please don't start no quarterback controversy us fans of the Carolina Panthers love the quarterback Cam Newton

Paula Weatherman 4 years ago

We're you drunk or high when you made this video? We really don't need you to replace our starting QB with one that hasn't played pro football in a year. Thanks, but no thanks. Oh yeah, we also don't care about the best half-time shows either. That's when everyone goes to get food, drinks and goes to the washroom. Oh yeah, it's the Carolina Panthers not the North Carolina Panthers, even though the stadium is here in NC. Bye Felicia!!!😎

Bradley Goins 4 years ago

nothing against your plan but come on man you are talking about bringing colin kaepernick to north carolina. He wasnt doing work in San Fran anymore, he is a distraction, pretty sure cam is doing okay at QB....what needs to be addressed is a bad O -lin,e bad secondary and terrible receivers. Maybe you can buy some of those. If you can manage anything worry about that before you get all hyped up about making statement about CK or haltime shows. The people of the carolinas who have to deal with the panthers and the hornets want to win major sports championships and dont want Ciroc blood fueling political statements with purchasing a team. IF youd like to waste your money see how revenues go co if you bring in CK. Im actually pretty sure you mentioning it is a sure sign none of the other owners would want you to have a team considering how bad they want the issue to go away. Bye

Holly Harris 4 years ago

I am a Die Hard Panthers Fan and replacing CAM is out!! This ain't about music. The focus should be on how to make the team better. Cant win the Superbowl by having great half time shows. I have no doubt you could do it. Just educate yourself on how its been done and do it better.

Patty Bertram 4 years ago

Really Kaepernick by the time you get this team bought you will not have played for a football team for two three years are you crazy what is Cam Newton think I don't think he'll like that much mister I'm number one I don't know I think you better think twice about it

Joe Flynn 4 years ago

I assume since he couldn't manage to let his stable of rappers make their songs and videos without putting himself in there, rapping and trying to dance, he plans to buy the Panthers and then give himself a spot on the starting roster....

Seth Poole 4 years ago

We’ll make Collin Kaepernick the starting qb over cam Newton, play the best music put on a super bowl quality half time show every week, and the music itself will win us the super bowl every year