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U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders
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Trump and the Republicans are trying one more time to destroy health care for tens of millions of Americans. Please tell your friends and family. We...
I really wish that I can explain to you why trump and the Republicans one more time are coming back with legislation to destroy health care for tens millions of Americans. I wish I could explain to you how, under this new so called gram cassidy bill, they can take away the insurance lifeline for many thousands of people who are struggling with life threatening illnesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes or opioid addiction. I wish I can explain to you why, without health insurance, they will allow many of this page Is to simply die will become much sicker than they should and make. No mistake about it. Thousands will die unnecessarily every year if this bill becomes law, I wish I could tell you what happens under this legislation. The children with special needs kids with down syndrome autism brain damage when their families the left on their own, without the financial support to take care of them because some massive cuts to medicaid or what happens to older workers 60 to 65 who see major increases in their insurance premiums and just don't have the income to pay for those premiums I wish I could tell you what happens to two and a half million women who lose their ability to get health care plan parenthood which would be defunded by this legislation. I honestly cannot explain to you why anyone in the United States Senate would vote for such a cool piece of legislation, but the truth is that the Republicans are very close to having the votes they need the pass. It next week. Our job over the next five to 10 days is to get the word out about this horrific legislation and do everything we can to defeat it, pull after Poll shows that the American people are overwhelmingly in opposition. The throwing millions of Americans or, for the health insurance they have let us the man that my Republican colleagues listen to the American people and not their campaign contributors. This bill must not be passed out

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