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It takes more than a chiseled physique to make a man attractive in today's world.
Check it out 12 o 'clock Oh, he's not even breaking breaking a a sweat sweat sweat lift lift lift it it it it lift lift lift lift it it it it hoist hoist hoist baby baby Excuse me Do you mind moving over? Yeah? Sorry, we're trying to enjoy the view. That's the ticket. Oh, yeah. check the older. I get the hotter. I think dads are no kidding. It takes a real man to have a tea party who's your daddy? who's your dad look at that. I took a guy with a nurturing side over a hot guy any day. Oh my gosh baby born 20 'clock. Oh look at the bags under his eyes. It's probably been up with that baby baby all all all night night night night night dedicated. dedicated. dedicated. Oh Oh Oh my my my God God God look look look at at at that guy. that that guy guy looks looks like like he he has. hasn't worked out in a. year year He's still in his PJs so worried about the kids. he doesn't even care what he looks like exhausted exhaustion is so hot sleep deprivation is so hot. Page jelly bean, Oh, that's cute. we're 20. Sometimes I just go to whole foods and watch dads in their element. Oh yeah, the diaper I might go to or sometimes I watch old home videos of your dad. Yeah, but like when he was younger. Hold the freaking phone. Do you think we're so attracted to dads? Maybe we like the idea of being taken care of no, we can take care of ourselves. Maybe we want kids of our own. Yeah, right, kids are gross. They should all be eaten by goats. Oh, look at the little ducklings. Oh how cute look how the mom is leading them. Oh wait. that's not the mom and duck. Daddy Duck You mean a Drake. That's exactly what I mean. Oh, he's a single parent. He's fathering them hold me back. No mercy. No, no, no no watch it. My breath. Your turn.

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