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Posted 10 months ago

Heather Hallett 10 months ago

No u cook the turkey in the bag thats what its meant for! Ive done it few times. Best turkey EVER!!!! Its self basting its the way to go if u r gonna cook a turkey!!!! The box the bags come in has directions and u can season what ever way u want. Soooooooooo fuckinnnnn gooooood and the juiciest turkey ever I guarantee.

Mary Sikes 10 months ago

Oh Chanel West Coast you are so beautiful. However you are trying too hard girl! I love your personality though. Keep making dat dough!

Mike Fielding 10 months ago

Can I do it with water? I'm Diabetic and can't have soda or pop depending on if you live in the right state

Craig Chapman 10 months ago

Absolutely one of my favorite sodas

Derrick Piek 10 months ago

Not bad when the sound is off. 😆

Mark Colclough 10 months ago

Pepsi the Choice of a new Generation

Don England 10 months ago

My favorite drink.

Art Acevedo 10 months ago

How's she gonna call somebody washed up... 😂 She's been rapping for 10 years still ain't blow up 😂 😂

Tina Mezzacapo 10 months ago

I don’t understand I’m saying all these negative comments why follow someone just comment something negative I feel like all you people commenting negative really secretly really like her...... anyway you’re awesome girl keep it up💯

Matthew Boyden 10 months ago

So cute . Pop up pop out !!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️