Broly Confirmed For New Dragon Ball Super Movie

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We've got a title for the new movie! Here's what else we know:

Posted 3 years ago in TV & Movies
Cameron Bishel
Cameron Bishel3 years ago

Why lol he's been killed off twice now I thought it was supposed to be the original sayain who was going to be in this movie

Brandon Boehm
Brandon Boehm3 years ago

Never been a broly fan. Excited for movie but he don’t get em going.

Brent Seager
Brent Seager3 years ago

He's no Jiren.

Cameraman Charles
Cameraman Charles3 years ago

Too bad it's not this Broly in general. But an alternate version.

Richard Barfuss
Richard Barfuss3 years ago

Who cares

Joey A Martinez
Joey A Martinez3 years ago

Old news 😂

Oswaldo Gracia Medrano Esparza
Oswaldo Gracia Medrano Esparza3 years ago

Sosuke Aizen.

Daniel Whitehead
Daniel Whitehead3 years ago

Ki Gleeson Stacey Pennington something you might like xx

Jorge Medina
Jorge Medina3 years ago

Jordan Rimer
Jordan Rimer3 years ago

Wow way old