WatchMojo - Nostalgia is DEAD! 😭 at least when it comes to...

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Nostalgia is DEAD! 😭 at least when it comes to these things...

Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones4 months ago

We still have a mall arcade

Rita Barnes
Rita Barnes4 months ago

I worked at Blockbuster, I have taken my classroom to DZ for a field trip, I lived for Saturday morning cartoons and many times spent at Toys R Us. Ah, the good ole days.😢

Manny Ortiz
Manny Ortiz4 months ago

Also I think what should be on that list is "Towers Records", it was great.

RJ Meyer
RJ Meyer4 months ago

I have a small arcade in my house, I have the TMNT arcade, Mortal Kombat arcade, the cocktail table Pacman arcade, and I pre-ordered the Simpsons arcade and X-Men arcade.

Logan McCarty
Logan McCarty4 months ago

My town has 2 arcades in our mall, they are both great!

Dash Erickson
Dash Erickson4 months ago

Ventura capital firms did the most damage to Toys R Us. Barrowing against them and sattling the company with massive debt.

Joel Capuyon
Joel Capuyon4 months ago

I miss all of this. Kinda makes me a little sad.

Sam Gadd
Sam Gadd2 months ago

Discovery Zone where I lived was shutdown after 3 broke arms and a pulled off finger at a friend's birthday! That place was awesome! So many dangerous things to play on!

James RM
James RM4 months ago

I was lucky enough to be a kid in the early-mid 90s and got to experience all of this stuff. There was always something fun about renting a movie rather than streaming it

Roxanne Michelle
Roxanne Michelle3 months ago

I miss blockbuster and mall arcade back then it was so awesome