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Kakuyoku ( jap 鹤翼 , dt Crane Wing ) is a series of three kata in the martial art Karate .
The kata of Tetsuhiko Asai and created a "classical kata" (Japanese kata defecate , 古典型 ), respectively. They build on the principles of also created by him Junro - and Joko on kata.

The name Kakuyoku is a reference to the origin of the Chinese crane styles, and especially the Baihequan ( Chinese 白鹤拳 báihèquán , Japanese Hakutsuru-ken , German White-Crane style ).
Kakuyoku also called a classic battle formation that resembles the spread wings of a crane in a V shape.

Following the name form open hand and arm techniques, the movements are modeled on those of a Crane wing, the main constituent. There are also changes position and center of gravity shifts that are already practiced in the basic kata (Junro-and Joko kata).

The order of Kakuyoku kata divided into Shodan , Nidan and Sandan , is not to be regarded as mandatory, since the individual kata not build on each other. Asai himself was of the opinion that a kata of the series is sufficient to teach the principles contained. Kakuyoku Nidan , however, was one of his Lieblingskata and was only of him Kakuyoku called.

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