This Morning - Nerves βœ… Tense βœ… So did Holly have what it...

This Morning • 4 months ago   1.2K     169
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Nerves βœ…
Tense βœ…
So did Holly have what it takes to beat The Cube? πŸ€”

Ash Lee
Ash Lee4 months ago

Hug him, you sat next to him at the awards, and we all know you are hugging off camera.
Bit of an insult to viewers intelligence.😫

Laird Ronald Simpson
Laird Ronald Simpson4 months ago

So some of the comments are against Phil and Holly now, of course they are, because it’s entertainment !!! It makes people laugh, it breaks away from the morbidity of life we are going through now. God knows….SOME PEOPLE JUST CANT HAVE THAT.

Valerie White
Valerie White4 months ago

Get Alison on she be great an d funny

Wendy Hall
Wendy Hall4 months ago

Im getting sick to death of seeing Smugfield on the tv how about giving someone else a chance

June Gibb
June Gibb4 months ago

Really get on my nerves. No I dont watch

Fiona Beaton
Fiona Beaton4 months ago

She took a hell of a risk on live TV - happily she only took two shots to win - well done Holly!

Alex James
Alex James4 months ago

Jess Dudok β€œI wanna hug you so badly” yet they were all over eachother at the NTAs πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

Stephen Paul Wright
Stephen Paul Wright4 months ago

Well done Holly

Rita Sackett
Rita Sackett4 months ago

Well done willabooby x

Allan Cole
Allan Cole4 months ago

Loved this