GREGORY ONBOARD THE BIG 🛳 - Originalpapacrook

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Posted 4 years ago in Music & Audio

Lesley Porter 4 years ago

Fabulous XXXXXX

Tracey Daems 4 years ago

Look amazing as always xxx

Jude Jude 4 years ago

Love me some Gregory Issac...big chune.

Beatrice Mason 4 years ago

Big up papa crooks. You on the big ship with my sisters. Shirley and Janet. Enjoy! Xx

Jackie Arthurs 4 years ago


Adam Fowles 4 years ago

So lets talk about sister!!

Adrian Rowe 4 years ago

Love that tune

Teresa Jones 4 years ago

Love Gregory Issac top tune that one x

Babs Anderson 4 years ago

Whoooo you go papacrook 💯🤾🏾‍♂️😘😘😘

Jackie Wright 4 years ago

Papacrook yuh clean