World's Oldest Woman

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Susannah Mushatt Jones of Brooklyn celebrates her 116th birthday as the oldest living person in the world.

Posted 6 years ago

John Kear 6 years ago

Greg you're so right Russo's on the bay has awesome food! Been to a few weddings there pretty awesome!

Maryann Pic 6 years ago

It is like sweet 16 all over again. God bless her.

Connie Mandel 6 years ago

God bless Her! Happy Birthday Young Lady!

Daria Chumas 6 years ago

Kate Feltham-Anderson 🎂👴🏻😂

Melissa Bookbinder 6 years ago

Love u Greg!!

Tina Simon Peoples 6 years ago

If u have nothing good to say just don't say anything sleep or woke god bless her we all better hope we get there with all happen in the world today but h.b.d Mrs jones

Patty Rmine 6 years ago

im sorry but are you sure shes alive?

Maryann Medeiros 6 years ago

Luv u Greg and Rosanna!! U guys r so entertaining!!!!!!

Ellen Kleinelp 6 years ago

Sorry. But it looks like she was either sleeping or unaware. But, Happy Birthday!

Kathy Sheppard O'Connor 6 years ago

God bless her. Happy birthday