Amazing Giant Robots

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The age of riding around in full size mechs is closer then we think 馃馃く


Posted 2 months ago in Science & Tech

Timur Ched 2 months ago

looks miserable so far, efficiency and performance is nothing but sadness, but the time will come for this things for sure to attain it flawless shape ...

NIMA 2 months ago

Dude, we are getting closer! For Zion!!!!

Sebastian Tampin 2 months ago

Looks like North Korea's attempt at making the Iron Man suit.

Steve Lowe 2 months ago

I'm still waiting for Jetpacks to be common.

Jaroslav Chor媒 2 months ago

Bad kind of music. IT needs minimally Terminator 2 soundtrack.

Martin Rich 2 months ago

Naaaah seen these in Avatar years and years ago , you guys are way behind.

Darren Turner 2 months ago

Does it come with its own crane lorry for if it goes outside as it needs a crane for inside.

Tom Collins 2 months ago

Didn't they already develop this technology for the Alien movie? 馃馃ぃ

Darren Wall 2 months ago

You have 10 seconds to comply.

Eric Sandum 2 months ago

Avatar wants their props back