Thailand's Human Zoo

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This Thai village have been practising their traditions for hundreds of years but now they're being dubbed as a "human zoo"

Posted 1 year ago in Travel & Leisure Activities

Dominique Venezia 12 months ago

They have been doing that for generations, it is their tradition and we have no right to judge their way of living, maybe we should look at what we are doing and realize what we have been doing to each others for centuries and mind our own business

Athena Biehl 11 months ago

I was there last year. Beautiful people, beautiful culture. If in Thailand go visit and support them.since the Thais don’t consider them as citizens.

Douglas Martin Hyde 1 year ago

These beautiful are beautiful and keeping to their traditional life, let them be they have respect on nature, the person who wrote this we as outsiders are the danger to life and the planet, they no zoo, these are people that need to be respected for who they are

Brat Bratzable 1 year ago

They are called Karen tribe. Originally from Myanmar, they fled to Thailand long ago and lived in the border area. And as you know Thailand is tourist country, somehow it turned to be tourists sightseeing spot and earn the money that way to live.

And The long neck thing is their culture, they start to put the ring on when they are little and add up by age, I guess. So I don't think that hurts.

Ps. Unilad (Adventure) needs to check this out 😜

Kel Willis 1 year ago

As someone who works in tourism here in Thailand, many tour operators have banned visits here years ago (this place is not new and the practice was a part of their culture long ago - and developed), however the place is fed by tourists and travel blogger / influencers who see it as a bucket list tick box for their Instagram feed.

Until people stop paying to get a picture and glorifying the place, the villagers won’t look at alternatives to an income source.

Amanda Stowe 1 year ago

I’ve been there and that’s not true. These people have found a balance and harmony between continuing to embrace their culture and also adapting well to our fast changing society. By paying to get in and buying their hand made products you’re supporting their lifestyle so they can continue to live by their beliefs.

Jana Arslan 1 year ago

Please, let the kids BE KIDS! I wouldn't care if the adults want to wear it as a part of their tradition but why imposing this on children?! So sad, so sad 😥

Cynda Wilkins 12 months ago

I hate sexist cultures where the women have to modify their bodies but not the men. It's just as bad as what they did in China and little girls feet to make them smaller...... so sad for these girls

Bea Ossa 11 months ago

I find that to be abuse... Even from centuries ago.. IN MY BOOK NO MATTER FOR HOW LONG OR NOT...

Erwin González 1 year ago

This is simply not true!
I was there 5 years ago.
It's not a Zoo!
These people were helped by the Thai Kingdom as they had to flee their country. (Burma) due to political unrest. They still work their land (men), they have crops and animals, and yes they do sell handcrafts (women) like in any other country I have been too, they are very lovely people. I think people nowadays get offended by anything they don't understand and have no interest in trying to understand it.