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We can deliver climate justice and economic justice.

Here’s Ed Miliband setting out Labour’s plan for a greener, cleaner future. 👇

Ralph Reed
Ralph Reed4 months ago

It's hard to believe Ed now he's shown a total lack of backbone over one member one vote.
How do we know he won't change his mind on this as well?

Carole Neil
Carole Neil4 months ago

Another load of waffle that means nothing, all politicians are the same no matter the party they belong too, no wonder millions don't vote

Dave Warren
Dave Warren4 months ago

Nice lad, Ed. He kept this country out of the war with Syria that Dave "How about THIS pork, Porky!" Cameron wanted to take us into, straining at the leash in Uncle Sam's hand. And then you dumped him, just because he was on the ropes as the MSM pummeled him just because he had trouble chewing a bacon sandwich. (Oh, the irony!) Well, some of us were listening to him....

Keith Davies
Keith Davies4 months ago

If Ed had publicly supported Corbyn, then today we would have

1. A Brexit deal which works for a better Britain
2. No energy crisis (because retailers would have been eliminated)
3. Fairer taxation
4. Fewer Covid deaths, fewer infections and the NHS treatment backlog decreasing rather than increasing.

Sadly, he couldnt. Not because he opposed Labour's democratic policies but because he couldnt back a leader who had been critical of Israeli Government policy ...

Campbell Finnie
Campbell Finnie4 months ago

2014 he supported one member one vote. 2021-he supported Starmer's electoral college. Waste of space.

James Conway
James Conway4 months ago

Ed wants to get 100,000 HGV drivers from the EU when the most we ever had was only 47,000 and 30,000 of them still work in the UK. Those that left have already been replaced by newly qualified UK drivers it's just that the need for drivers has increased because the pandemic has changed the way that we shop.

Nigel Critchley
Nigel Critchley4 months ago

Has there been a revolution in how to make steel without using coal or it's by-product that no-one has yet heard about ????? ( As far as I'm aware, here is currently no technology to make steel at scale without using coal.) !!!

Ben Brown
Ben Brown4 months ago

We face a more important crisis. The people's party has been stolen by the rich.

Brendan McAleer
Brendan McAleer4 months ago

The U.K. has become a one party state. Labour under Starmers misrule has become an extension of the Conservative party.

Tony Fellowes
Tony Fellowes4 months ago

Ed you are partially to blame for labour being in opposition