Happy Birthday Feet Friend!

Foot Husbands by: Baby Boy Taz 11.2K Views
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HAPPY BDAY to another brilliant FOOT FETISH artist!
Follow @feetfriend9117 on Instagram to wish him a Happy Bday! also follow foot husbands on Instagram...

Posted 4 years ago in Holidays & Celebrations

Karl Price 2 months ago

Again, how do we get this full video?

Aj Harris 3 years ago


Αργύρης Παπάς 4 years ago


Dralan Porter 4 years ago

This dude is mad sexy.

Karl Price 4 years ago

This man's feet have always been amazing! Ever since I first saw them on Feet.tv, I've always wanted 2 see his incredible feet get tickled. I would luv 2 c more from him.

Johnny B Small 4 years ago

Nice meaty soles

Ma Bed Ma 4 years ago

I need full video,how to get it?

Gordo Pies 4 years ago

I cant wait to see the full video of him tickled

Achilles Gargalao 4 years ago

Wow, that man and his feet are so damn beautiful.

Mike Solez 4 years ago

I need to get that vid