Happy Birthday Feet Friend!

Foot Husbands by: Baby Boy Taz • 4 years ago   168     14  •  11.2K Views
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HAPPY BDAY to another brilliant FOOT FETISH artist!
Follow @feetfriend9117 on Instagram to wish him a Happy Bday! also follow foot husbands on Instagram...

Posted 4 years ago in Holidays & Celebrations
Karl Price
Karl Price4 months ago

Again, how do we get this full video?

Aj Harris
Aj Harris3 years ago


Αργύρης Παπάς
Αργύρης Παπάς4 years ago


Dralan Porter
Dralan Porter4 years ago

This dude is mad sexy.

Karl Price
Karl Price4 years ago

This man's feet have always been amazing! Ever since I first saw them on Feet.tv, I've always wanted 2 see his incredible feet get tickled. I would luv 2 c more from him.

Johnny B Small
Johnny B Small4 years ago

Nice meaty soles

Ma Bed Ma
Ma Bed Ma4 years ago

I need full video,how to get it?

Gordo Pies
Gordo Pies4 years ago

I cant wait to see the full video of him tickled

Achilles Gargalao
Achilles Gargalao4 years ago

Wow, that man and his feet are so damn beautiful.

Mike Solez
Mike Solez4 years ago

I need to get that vid