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Sizzling ur way.. Guess the name of this popular dish.. Hint: The main ingredient is curd 😀
Love M #ChefMeghna #newrecipe #recipe #recipeoftheday...

Posted 9 months ago in Food & Drink

Rathod Ravee 9 months ago

My Favourite Crispy Bread Roll

Devangi Mehta 9 months ago

Deep frying....., 😱😱😱this is not Meghna 's style....

Sam Fox 9 months ago

So much oil for frying just 2 pieces?

Arshiya Athar 9 months ago

First time am watching ur deep frying recipe mam...soo rare

Sonia Dargan 9 months ago

Dahi ke sholey- stuff in bread with hung curd, seasons available veggies, chatpata masala and coriander leaves you can add in it. It's a kind of bread roll

Neelu Belai 9 months ago

Bread roll stuffed with hung curd n Paneer

Kshama Nagar 9 months ago

Deep fried? This cannot be your recipe.. guessing is not possible for deep fried food..

Rohit Hazara 9 months ago

Potato cutlet using bread

Vandana Butta 9 months ago

Dish with sweet potato

Rajinder Kundi 9 months ago

Hung curd, chopped veggies n panner
Combined to make a roll