Democrats Host Kick-Off Presser for Annual Issues Conference

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Democratic leadership hosts A "kick-off presser" for the annual Issues Conference.

Posted 9 months ago in Politics

Patricia Ferrarelli 9 months ago

Oh my! Nancy the things you want to change are not biblical at all! May you reap everything you have sown 😡

Sheena Burton 9 months ago

Where are they getting all these “polls” from the people? I don’t know anyone who has taken one. 🤷‍♀️

Karla Cruz 9 months ago

Imagine how great our gov. would be without these lawless dems.

Laurie Bysiewicz 9 months ago

There is no such thing as “leadership” in Congress in the Democrat party. You all need to go away and allow real leaders to be at the table.

MaryRose Collins-Orlans 9 months ago

They continue to pass garbage that will cost all of us, financially, emotionally, and our liberty!! 😡

Katey Scott 9 months ago

90% of Americans support their bill! Yeah that’s a joke! Doing the people’s agenda! Laughable! Your party doesn’t care about Americans!

David Smith 9 months ago

What a complete joke the democratic party & the current administration are!

Mike Bishop 9 months ago

You are totally misrepresenting Jesus teaching..... shame on you.

Darlene Graham 9 months ago

Just shut the hell up!! All lies coming out of all yalls mouths! You goal is to brain wash everybody and ruin the USA!

Lynn Hardwick-Lillard 9 months ago

Justice and prosperity for all????
Only Pelosi and her crowd will prosper. You can look but you never pay attention.