Ghostrunner's Updated Demo Features a New Story Level - Gameplay

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Watch the updated Ghostrunner demo in its entirety, featuring a slew of tweaks and a brand new level filled with story bits.

Posted 1 year ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play

Billy Squire 1 year ago

Let's make a game that looks better than any game that came before where all you do is jump and occasionally kill something. BORING.

Jason Webster 1 year ago

The premise is interesting but the teleport/sliding mechanic removes the best part of the experience, the atmosphere. So off-putting to watch.

Nathan Mongeon 1 year ago

Upgraded mirrors edge with swords yesssss

Magomed Ismailov 1 year ago

It looks like first person cyberpunk Rayman Legends

Steve Strowger 1 year ago

I remember seeing this on the XBOX presentation not long ago and now it’s out soon and also cheap on PS Store...hmm

Stephen Berks 1 year ago

Man, just look at all of the detail that they put into these environment that you just blow past.

Nico A. Allis-Brower 1 year ago

If Genji was in Cyberpunk

Steve Strowger 1 year ago

Too fast for my ageing reflexes!

Jomar Sangalang 1 year ago

I'm still waiting for this game before I got a hold of Cyberpunk. Looks really sick.

Kyle Clark 1 year ago

This looks like it would get boring fast. Also the random foes jus standing on random blocks in the middle of no where is off putting