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Oh boy, this was a party that I'll never forget! Did you enjoy it just as much as I did? 😊

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Posted 4 years ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play

Delicious Emily 4 years ago

These are the 10 winners of yesterday's sharing contest! 😃

• Michelle Nicole
• Kamalia Aza
• Dana Terriah
• Ny E Fabio Moreno
• Jo Weir
• Sharvia Sultana
• Casandra Shipp
• Khushboo Agarwal
• Bé Úc
• Wiktoria Stańczykowska

Congrats - I'm really happy for all of you! 😊 Please send me a direct message to receive your code for a free game.

Ashley Luna 4 years ago

Most likely last week of July. They always release it soon after they go live.

Linda Stuart 4 years ago

how about releasing the game already. I for one am sick of reading posts from people who already have the game. IMO, instead of a select few, everyone should be able to get the game or no one.

Sage Scarlet 4 years ago

Why not for free

Trish Davis 4 years ago

My birthday is next Thursday I hope it's the same day

Chantal Billon-Dethier 4 years ago

Sera t'il en version française svp? Merci

Tenerina Searles 4 years ago

Now I know it will be out soon. So excited!!!!!

Amy Perrault 4 years ago

When it will be out for Canada?

Steve Savicki 4 years ago

Even men wear aprons?