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WATCH: Team Trump Online with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jeff DeWit, and Janet Kavandi!

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In the process necessary to establish a space force as the sixth branch of the armed forces, that's a big statement. Okay. Well, Jeff people have mocked the President for creating a space for us if you can even believe that why do you think it's important that President Trump took this historic step look space is is in a very important domain for American life. People don't realize that. Crops are harvested because of GPS signals you can't get a cash out of a Bank ATM without the timing signal sent from space is so important. Think about your phone and getting directions everything else you do. There are a lot of automated things that run off that as well. in addition to that, it's roughly a decade a decade ago that the Chinese launched a missile from Earth. they blew up on their own satellites so at that point, space became unfortunately militarized two a degree in other countries have. So much is made there, you know the India did it a year ago, they blew a satellite in space so countries are doing this now to prove the technology and if we ever went to war and countries, we're launching missiles to blow up satellites. it could it could create havoc here on Earth. So space is a very important domain. In addition to that people don't realize that space. it's it's not just an asset spread all over the federal government. you have space at Commerce, you have space in the Air Force from space traffic. Orbital debris mitigation You have the FAA to play a role in launch windows, so it's become so fragmented it it truly has been a need for our country to start consolidating down this domain and we haven't wanted to do it in Nsa because we're civil space agency but to put all this into a Department of Defense Defense Agency, just to start consolidating for efficiency sake and for communications sake, how we do things it's been it's it's truly an idea that should have happened before but kudos to President Trump for capital. On that vision and that need to create it now, it's something that had to be done. It's almost unbelievable that this was something that was just a suspended essentially for almost a decade. It's unbelievable, but thank God that President Trump and I know Vice President Pence is very enthusiastic about it and it's it's really incredible to see that their leadership and working together for so Jett the exploration obviously a space. it's very exciting. it's very complex as you know, can you kind of explain to the average viewer the average person out there the difference between civil. And commercial space and then the space force you know entity for our viewers at home. Yeah, the lines can get a little blurry sometimes but primarily civil space is what we've always envision in our past about the exploration of the universe. When we talk about, you know the first steps on the moon that was civil space. That's what Nasa is about doing things for the sake of exploration and research learning about other planets and going to Mars. About the surface of what's on the surface area could we ever build a colony there? all those kind of things are simple space. we also that the International Space Station is mostly simple space. what we've done now is incorporated commercial space into the civil war, where, as we just talked about the SpaceX launch is a commercial supplier of a space vehicle to see Nevada Corporation on by Aaron and Osmond. they invested a lot of their own personal. to to build this vehicle that you see behind me that is commercial space. We talked about Jeff Bezos of Amazon. He's been investing his money in commercial space and then we have the traditional players too. You know the bowling's Lockheed marks in North of Grumman all those traditional players that have always been there working in commercial space as well. In addition to what Jeff mentioned that I the the satellites that help our communications happen so that we can talk to our cellphones, all of that is commercial space and the future of commercial spaces. What do you think we're going to have an explosion of new business right? There's so much potential to use commercially and possibly the moon commercially and possibly Mars commercially eventually someday but we have to take those baby steps to get you know to have a cat on the moon to learn to live there for a while. make mistakes there, we can fix them their four days away right to get to the moon and it's not that far away or fixing that break. We'll figure out how to make it better. Then we'll take it on tomorrow. Mars is a really long way away, so that's almost a year to get tomorrow. So so wow, I can't really afford to have a big mistakes when we get to Mars, You're absolutely right. the such an important point. Yeah. I'm sorry with kinda left that off, but the defense side of thing before we go into the space for the space right. so that's where we defend the country and against our adversaries. Unfortunately, we didn't wanna have to go there in space, but that's sort of the way the world is in a reality that we have to deal with. so that's yet another aspect of space. Alright fantastic and thank you both. We're gonna take. Final break We'll be right back for more Make space great again on team Trump online. Stay with us. I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message My administration will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this threat hysterical and we'll be giving Americans a false. It is accurate that if these steps had not been put in place, it could have been two billion people down here in the United States. Yes, no matter how hard they try to stop us. They can't you built the greatest economy. Has ever seen and we're gonna do it again. Together we're meeting back the invisible enemy what the federal government did was a phenomenal accomplishment through it all the world has witnessed the unyielding resolve of our incredible American people promise made promise kept and I'm fighting for you and I love doing it with everything that I have and you know that with the grace of God we will win this war and we will win this war quickly and we will make America great again. Welcome back to make space great again, I'm Kimberly Guilfoyle and we just discussed the United States Space Force and how important it will be in protecting American National security and the American way of life now early on in his presidency, President Trump laid out an agenda that would put America back on the moon for the first time in half a century. He has committed to putting the first woman on the moon and then continuing on to Mars The successful launch on Saturday is the first step towards achieving. As it was with President Trump, it's promises made and promises kept now Janet Can you tell us what the future of American space exploration looks like and Jeff then we will get your thoughts as well. Okay. Well, what I'm hoping to see in the future is that more exploration of the lunar vicinity and the lunar surface that is something that I always wanted to do myself. I would have loved to been that person on the moon. I probably dreamed about that since I was a kid but just to be able to go on the space was a Dream come true. So what we're trying to do is build a platform around the lunar surface that are above the surface so that we can take a rocket and put people there in orbit around the ownership, we're going to take them down to the surface of the moon. They can explore the surface of the moon with a human landing system. my company here in Nevada and a lot of other companies are also working on this lunar lander and we can do our work down there on the ground. Learn how to take regular or the material on the surface of the moon. Turn it. Breathable oxygen and then we can you know, create a way to live on the surface of the moon, eventually build a habitat and stay there for a while. Now, we can take the information that we that we gathered from that exploration and we then can push to Mars and do the same thing there. It's a little bit different surface. We have a different. we have an atmosphere on Mars. We don't have one on the moon. we have a little bit better radiation protection, but all those things have to figure out while we're close by. Shields how to help with any kind of health conditions, How do we get them back quickly? or how do we have a medical services on the surface of Mars again like a year away, you have to take care of yourself that there's so much to learn and so much to do to get us there but I'm just really excited for what's ahead. Yeah, you know Geoff. I mean how do you see it? What is your vision? How does the future you know of space exploration look like for on the moon and as Janice has been talking about and Mars and we think about these things like medical issues that. And how far the distance is God forbid something were to happen where it's exel circumstances and life or death. I mean we kind of don't think about that, but you have to in terms of laying out of space program, too. You know the way I look at it in in in my senses is one of the great things the many great things that President Trump and Vice President Pence have pushed is this commercialization piece that we keep talking about that is allowing us to do more. Yeah you have billionaire. Like we said before Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos putting a lot of their own personal resources now to help Nassau along as Janet mentioned, you have Aaron and Osman with Sierra Nevada Corporation, putting a ton of their personal resources to help us along there. They're almost legends that edd naa to for what they're doing in the commercial space and how much they they can do so many things are now helping us get there and what Nsa is doing now we have there's a person that at Nasa and Kiera Blackwell running program called it tech, which is reaching out to. Shark Tank like events and what she's doing is amazing for bringing the venture capital sector in with the smaller companies that are trying to build what we need at Nasa, so we're really looking to get more and more players involved in the commercial space as well as you know, I was really proud to roll out when I was the CFO of Nasa, I got to roll out the commercialization of the space station, where we're going to allow private astronauts to come to the space station and funny enough. the first one you might see who they're talking to you right now. is Tom Cruise to go up to the space. And actually film a space movie in space itself, that maybe the first private astronaut we see open up our great resources to allow things like that, as well as to help us get to the moon and get to Mars faster. is one of the great things is you're gonna see in the future that was not available in the past. So this administration has done so much for Nsa and for space exploration and for what the future now holds and it was great for me to have a. Row seat to this again as the CFO of Nsa and I'm just proud to get to to see it go forward and and what President Trump and Vice President Pence have done is going to pay dividends for decades and decades into the future. It's it's really I mean they should be commended every day for what they're doing for our space program. Amen. They really should, and I think you guys have really made the case and laid it out and thank God that under the leadership they had the courage and the vision to be able to do this and you know re. Our whole space program again, and you know breathe new life into it. It's imperative for the future and I cannot even still get over the fact that we would export it and outsource it to other countries like Russia and rely on them and their innovation. that was never the case in America and thanks to President Trump will never be again Jenna. I wanna get you to take a quick look here about the clip of Poots talking about the future of space plants in America by 20. Astronauts will return to the lunar surface to establish a permanent presence and the launching pad to Mars. And the first woman on the moon will be an American woman and the first nation to land on Mars will be the United States of America. Janet Can you discuss the Artemis program and do you have some words for all the little girls who want to grow up and become astronauts just like you and the importance of the the message that we have here to hear from President Trump. Yes. Artemis program is very exciting. It is returned to the moon to the surface of the moon by Americans and it is something I said. I mentioned earlier that I had always wished could get to the moon as a child In the day, when I was growing up, there were no women astronauts you know and and so, but I had a great dad who told me that I could always do whatever I want so never even thought about not going to say I I always thought well, my dad said. I can do it so I can do it. You know so I think parenting is very important in helping us teach our children, boys and girls that we can achieve our goals so I will always attribute my ability to do what I've done to this encouragement and my mom as well but I remember him specifically telling me those things and then when I was in a restaurant. That director of flight operations for a period of time and we were I was able to share that selection board and it's just so impressive today. how many women are so qualified to be astronauts. you know 30 or 40 years ago when we were in the same kind of careers as men. but today we are we're in all the same kind of I was able in that class where I share the election, but it was the first time we've ever selected, half women and a half men into a class so that was really phenomenal. And these are incredibly talented women and you see them flying today and maybe one of them is going to be the first one. I'm not. I certainly hope so but we've got an incredible group of people to choose from men and women around the world. of course now is pretty choosy about who they like to go to space. it's very expensive process and just a lot of training and it's not for the faint of heart. so big investment. Yeah. so women who are strong little girl who got to be strong women are. People that we wanna put in place and and have to be the first woman on the moon. Fantastic Well, I'll add to that cuz I have three in my daughter's all look at Janet Kabhi as a abs and absolute rock star and a role model, and I can't think of any better role model than her and what she has done as a three -time astronaut. but I have my Middle daughter. Katie absolutely is as far as all my three daughters Is the. Ambitious in going to work and later on, she's only 12 right now but and she looks at what Janice done And she, she tells me she's going to be on Mars at some point and what's great about what's great about America and what's great about what President Trump Vice President Pence are doing for our space program is that's actually possible. It is actually possible that in 15 years from now or who knows when that my daughter is walking around the. Mars anyone's daughter anyone out there your daughters can do this and Janet Cavan sitting right here is the proof of that and so it's just amazing to see It's such an inspirational agency and and space in general what it does for humanity in in the science of everything else one more interesting tidbit refugee, but both Doug and Bob that we just mentioned you mentioned him about their families. Both of them are also married to female astronauts. so it's it's very but they both have been married to other female Astros. So. And you really have abstract too. So it's very cool. You know it kinda runs in the family at the time That's incredible. I love it that there should be like a match dot com just for astronauts that both of them were married to astronaut there. you go. That's pretty incredible, but you know I love what you had to say Jeff and I'm excited. I look forward to the day that you know one of your daughters will and going into space or maybe on the moon or Mars, but you know, I think the example you set Janet it holds true for little girls out there little boys out there to really you know. Believe and live their dreams and I love it. I too was really had a big impact on my life. My father did tell me anything that a boy could do. I could do better and I believed it so whatever it was whether it was like you know, basketball or law or boxing or karate. I was like I'm the best. I'm gonna beat all the boys so you know it was interesting, but that's what you have to do. you have to have someone in your life to inspire you and I think both of you have done an incredible job of being inspirational with the incredibly unique and fascinating career. And I told my little boy was so excited to go to the SpaceX launch. She got to go and see all the behind the scenes everything when we went there and you know the way they're able to do this. I said they worked really hard in school. they applied themselves. They had a goal. you've got to do great so he's so excited, he said. You know I would really like to work with the math specialist throughout the summer. so I told you gotta be good at math and everything else and engineering to be an astronaut. So it's exciting and it's I'm very grateful to have it as a you know an educational encouragement tool to get. Space so thank you guys for that. so can you just talk a little bit more about how President Trump is establishing America in terms of like our full potential to unlock space exploration. I think he actually has a vision for it and do you really feel like the ultimate goal. We've been talking about Mars travel to Mars is sort of the next frontier. Absolutely you know and for anyone who wants to look at this just go in and search for space policy directives so again, one of the first orders of business for this administration was to bring. The Space Council, which has been issued space policy directives and you can you can Google the different ones and read about the very first one was for us to go back to the moon and that's where a lot of this guidance is coming from the It didn't exist for 20 years The Space Council. he brought it back he talked about it even on the campaign for he's gonna do that. He's it's so passionate to President Trump's heart and that brings everyone together. So it's like I said. Vice President Pence is the chair of the Space Council and when they meet you have all the different agencies Commerce. Nasa that's involved in space. You also have a commercial partners as a user advisory group that has commercial partners. so everyone has a voice. We have a lot more people at the table, bringing that vision together and when those space policy directives are issued, they give us very clear guidance and direction and it brings like I said because space in the US government is fragmented in many agencies. It brings everybody together at the table and allows us to. To be efficient, not only with taxpayer dollars, but with time and in every other government resource to get this vision done this is something that was needed. It did not even exist in the previous administration. President Trump brought it back Vice President Pence shares it and that's what's giving us the significant leadership and and that is why America again is at the forefront of everything happening in space exploration fantastic and well stayed and I go to you. Janet to get any kind of Final thoughts to tell our viewers out there the Americans watching this program tonight that are fascinated with our space program and filling you know, optimistic and positive about the future and part of this is that space innovation in the program going forward. Yeah. Absolutely, I think there's only great things to look forward to in the future. we have the support as you guys mentioned to do great things in the future, you'll see a combination of civil space and commercial space working together. It's to the surface of the moon with humans again, and then we will be pushing on the Mars. I am going to be so excited the first day that we can say we've landed humans on the services and again that's going to be such a wonderful day. I have waited for a long time for that. It's like I said, always been my Dream my fascinating with the moon and what we can do there and what we can learn there and then how we can take that information and and really truly venture deeper into the solar system to go to Mars actually establish a colony on another. That's gonna be a phenomenal day and it's it's in our future. It's in our genetic code to explore it's in our future to wanna survive and to get further and further out there and we can finally make all those sci-fi movies come true when we get out there. Oh my goodness. it's the people on the planet except for the scary Alien one -A Cuba one of the thing. What one thing to add. We've talked a lot about inspiring girls and about women's stem and the future and and and we'd be remiss and I would I would hate to not mention the great work that Ivanka Trump has done in that Department. Yes, very true because she has been so active in all of those things at Nasa. She's been a resource for us if we need anything. she also helps us get things done, but as far as women's stem and and even minority women stem goes what Ivanka Trump has done and I just don't feel like the press gives her the credit that that she deserves because she has been an absolute powerhouse in this administration for it and so I wanna make sure we mention that to for Nasa and in every other way she's taken. Such a lead role in that and it's been it's been great to see. she really thank you for saying that because she doesn't get the credit that she deserved, but she doesn't do it for the credit. She does it because the right thing to do and it's in her heart. So she's so good at it. It's very genuine. she wants to do anything she can within her power and her time and ability to serve this country to lift up and empower women and young girls throughout not only just this country, but she's very inclusive throughout the world and she's making a tremendous impactful difference. and as you say she's reaching. And even in terms of the space program, she's doing that as well, It's great to be with her the other day and she was able to bring her to do her three children Arabella and Joseph there, and I was able to bring Ronan and it was wonderful to be able to share that with you know the next generation. I can't Thank you enough. I'm I'm humbled by your presence here and honored by you joining us this evening and sharing your stories your information your intellect and your passion for the space program and for this country we need as many Patriots as possible, Like the two of you to join our fight to keep. Great to make space great again and to Reelect President Trump this November and for those of you at home, Here's how you can get involved so to stay in contact with us please text Trump to eight zero two and another great way to get involved is by joining the Trump Victory Finance Committee. We are a nationwide network of volunteer fundraisers or Bundlers that I like to call them who play a crucial role in ensuring President Trump and the Republican Parties' victory in November and you at. Join our Trump Victory Finance Committee by visiting Donald J Trump dot com slash bundle or by texting bundle to eight zero two. Thank you all again for spending your evening with us. We will see you next time and for this we sign off.

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