Multicar pileup near Monticello, Minnesota.

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Multicar pileup in the snow near Monticello, Minnesota.

Posted 12 months ago in Vehicles & Transportation

Marge Riley 12 months ago

I was born and raised in Minnesota. Weather can be brutal. Hope no one hurt. Heartfelt from Henderson Bay Washington area ⚘

Anne Hill 12 months ago

Terrible for Minnesota. Isn’t KOMO a Seattle station though? When can we go back to the days of Walter Cronkite when you deliver the news, not everyone else’s gossip, and then sign off?

Katie Johnson 12 months ago

Wow be safe and drive safe everyone. Hope everyone is okay

Tim Hanstine Sr. 12 months ago

Quick, call the social workers in their smart cars and scooters to rescue them.

Troy Lancaster 12 months ago

November 12th 2020 still the biggest liars of all time KOMO TV never tells the truth and hides real news! You think because you are in Seattle you are untouchable your about to find out how untouchable you are!

Cindy Webb 12 months ago

Looks like cars on fire. Black smoke. Hope everyone is ok

David Carlson 12 months ago

Yep that looks about right. There's always that one in a hurry.

Robin Kiehn 12 months ago

Gets a bit nippy back there. Been there when its been 35 below. Thats cold enough that it starts breaking things on the Kenworth like airlines. Airlines freeze up, brakes freeze to the drums. Its not fun.

Jennifer Walsh 12 months ago

Minnesota should expect nothing less this time of year tho and yes, I hope everyone's okay.

James Foster 12 months ago

It’s 80° and sunny here in Tejas when we do get The occasional 1” of snow the state pretty well shuts down lol